Chihuahua Oldie in need - in loving memory



Update 22/11/2014: Our beloved Aza flew in heaven, ultimately won cancer. Metastasis had spread to the central nervous system, and this morning she started to have the scary crisis that we thought it was epilepsy. A nothing served are powerful drugs and medicines given to the vet: the situation has precipitated and at midnight tonight we decided not to turn upon over and not to torture again that tiny body with other infusions, injections and medications. Her heart was strong but the neurological system compromise: violent and uncontrolled convulsions shook her body now in a coma for several hours. We went to the veterinary clinic where Aza was first sedated. I asked the vet to be able to hold in my arms and take her in the square outside the clinic I had promised her that she would not  fly in heaven from the cold table of a vet but that her soul would fly to the sky outdoor and surrounded by my love and in my arm. The vet has satisfied me and so I hugged her  small little body under a starry sky that seemed to wait just for her: my little Aza has left us forever. My thanks go to all the people who, loved her lik I did and who left on the facebook loving comments and cried for her death with me.


Aza, I will never forget you. You were not a  biting and bad "whatever" mix chihuahua!

You were my beautiful, affectionate and funny chihuahua, the only important thing for you was to defend me from the evils of the world.

I miss you.


Your Mom


Her story: 

Chihuahua with a horrible story

Summer time, dog " through away" time!!! 

You can read in the diary her update, i will write as we proceed with surgery  and care.  We are very grateful to those who want to help us with a small fee to pay for veterinary expenses we supported already  and we will incur during the process of  diagnostic iter.

If you want to contribute to the costs to treat it and for more info call me at 349/5118482 or send mail to 


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Please send me an email or contact me on on facebook (I'm Valeria kennel Lupavaro) to inform me of your donation and I will be sure to send you a receipt for the donation.

The Diary of  Amata Aza: 

Update 08.02.2014 I received a phone call by the "Soul Randagia Agro Nolan" They asked for help to an elderly chihuahua that was dying. The little urgently needed a blood transfusion, and so I rushed with my Azawakh "Galadriel" to help the baby. 

Mena told me the story of this poor little soul:  

 "Taurano (Av): what we saw will remain in our eyes and what we have touched will remain in our hands and what we have heard there has forever changed our life:   This elderly Chihuahua, blind with a tumor bigger than she, eaten alive by flies and full of horrible larves was left on the street to dy! Many people have seen, many have heard but no one has lost a single minute of their lives to put her in safety. On her way she has found the voluntary Rosa (Soul stray agronolano) who did not hesitate to call us: HELP! This  little dog is dying!  She is in critical condition. We did not believe in futile care but she just does not want to die!! Please can u help us???Poor soul! She has never been loved, but only was used to produce " cute puppies2 to be sold in Pet Shops!  We called her  "Amata" , that means " Beloved" in italian because she will  now learn the meaning of this word, read her story and  let yourself be lulled by its sound....


That's how I met Amata


This is Gala, my Azawakh girl: she is the blood donator who saved Aza's life!


Update 05/08/2014: The IG Rescue Center Italy ilittle soul in accordance with the girls of "Soul Randagia Agro Nolan," will now  take care, claiming all the expenses for the .Thanks to  Mena and her voluntaries Rosa, Rosanna and Giusy for having rescued and thanks to all for believing in us and to those people who have supported us. From this moment Amata will be really loved. Thanks to the transfusion received from my Azawakh "Galadriel" her blood examen  is very very better now and so the vet has set the surgery to remove the big "exploded" tumor full of horrible worms,  for Thursday, 08.08.2014. I received an email very very cute, written by Greta, one of our "Ex rescues" (please read her story here ..): Well, Greta wanted to make a generous donation to contribute to the care of  Amata ! Thank you dear Greta and a kiss to your human mom! I think it is fair to my Azawakh "Galadriel" , whose blood saved Amata, to mention her in the name, and so from now we will call  her  "Amata Aza" with the nickname "Aza". I update you on Thursday, with news about the surgery.

Update 07/08/2014: Aza did surgery.  Before the intervention, our veterinarian has performed an abdominal ultrasound and chest X-rays whose outcome, unfortunatel, was not positive as I hoped: it showed inoperable metastases to the liver and lungs. The surgeon has therefore provided for the removal of the horrible an very big  breast cancer full of maggots that  "exploded". Tomorrow we will take Aza home with us an so she can have the last time of her life in peace and surrounded of our love and maybe there will be someone willing to adopt her. 

Update 08/12/2014: Aza from August 8 is at home with us. Physically she is recovering very well: she eats with appetite, drinks, takes her medicines in the food. The most large wounds are not the ones in the body but those inside her soul. She does not trust even a little bit and anything approaching her gets immediatly  bitten. It will take a lot of patience before we could touch her without being bitten in the finger but something is changing: she is  curious and  "spy" at us. Today she sniffed me one hand and I left before she could growl, just to leave only a positive experience. Slowly we'll make it!

 Update 08/13/2014: AZA wagged her tail to me and licked my hand! Immediately after I got up and I left. It would have been wrong to overwhelm her affection even if I wanted to give her thousand of  kisses !!!







This is Aza today: on the pic is written:

" The world changes with your example, not with your opinion" 


Thank you these people with a true heart in which the story of Aza and  especially the high costs of her care, transfusion, surgery, medicins etc  did not remain indifferenti "the human parents of  di Greta, una nostra " Ex rescue" (Her story..), Luana Mascotto (Kennel  KHAN LU M) and Ruthie Davis ( Couture designer  New York )to send financial aid to cover the costs of Aza. Ruthie wrote me a mail with this words that made me cry: "I sent you a wire transfer today. I would like to sponsor the little Chihuahua who I like to call "Button". Please use this donation to make her last days more comfortable and full of love. Love. Ruthie" 

Per contatti :

IG RESCUE CENTER ITALIA: Valeria +39 349/5118482