Ultrasound Toothbrush Emmi-Pet


I bought this ultrasound toothbrush Emmi-Pet device for my dogs but especially for dogs that are entrusted to me in Rescue and whose mouth is usually a mess of tartar, gingivitis or paradontitis.

My Opinion: My name is Valeria and I am the President of the IG Rescue Center Italia that deals with helping dogs in need. Often they hear dogs with mouth really ruined between tartar, infections etc. We breed Italian Greyhounds with Kennel Name Lupavaro and we know that this breed does not always have the scented breath!

Why I bought a toothbrush ultrasonic Emmi - Pet?

Well, I am a very realistic so I did not expect miracles but the fact that the device kills the bacteria responsible for gingivitis and paradontiti enticed me very much because I thought that it allows us to play in prevention in young dogs or avoid the reforming tartar in dogs that already have done professional dental care by the vet.

Example: I have two small sized elderly females (Italian Greyhound) to which tartar reforms (after pofessional teeth care in aenesthesia done by our vet) in a very short time and if I can spare them the reform of tartar and consequently an unhealthy mouth that then leads many other problems (especially heart, you know that a tooth gear threatens to migrate bacteria on the heart valves affecting its operation and exposing the dog to the acquired valvular!) I would be already very very happy. I believe that in cooperation with your veterinarian, who in cases of very spoiled dogs should prescribe appropriate antibiotic therapy for infection, this product can be really useful.  I'm not used to miracles but I like to make use of technology where I can, to make our lives more '"easy" and to make live our doggies more comfortable and so I decided to buy the device!

My personal experience:

Emmi-pet Spazzolino Ultrasuoni funziona davvero


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My advice:

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About the device:

Cleans the teeth of your pet with 100% Ultrasound Technology! Emmi-pet is the "no-brushing" toothbrush innovation which cleans without any motion, vibration or noise. Your pet will feel no sensation when cleaning his teeth.

Emmi-pet generates ultrasound with a patented ultrasonic microchip that is embedded inside the brush head. This chip creates up to 96  million ultrasonic (air oscillations) impulses per minute and transmits them via the bristles and the special animal bio-compatible Nano-bubble toothpaste onto the teeth giving your pet a superior cleaning. The ultrasonic impulses are able to penetrate teeth and gums destroying bacteria and germs where bristles can’t reach. This is essential in reducing and protecting against periodontal (gum) disease. Of course it is not the toothbrush of miracles: it requires consistency in the use and the results are not always visible from the first application.


You may think Emmi-pet is just another electric toothbrush, but it's a superior cleaning system with 100% original Ultrasound! With no vibration! Although sonic and electric toothbrushes are sometimes referred to as ultrasonic brushes, they only spin at about 30,000 mechanical rotations per minute and do not include an ultrasonic chip.


Where can I buy this device?

You can buy it online on the link below. The headquarters is in Germany and the product is shipped worldwide and shipping costs are very low!

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In case of questions on my personal experiences with this device you can contact me on live chat here on this website or send an email to  info@igrescue.it