We evaluate (almost) exclusively people who have already experience with these breeds. We do not take account of requests from people that are only looking for dogs of a particular sex, age or color. Adopting a Rescue must be an act of true love so it does not matter if the dog is old, young, healthy, sick, gray, black or iabella! If you are interested in adopting a Rescue, send us an email and we will send you our  questionnaire.

How to  get in touch with us?

We prefer that the first contact is by Phone: Valeria calls to +39 0825/969044 or  +39 349/5118482 or mail us at

After this first contact please send us an email to ask for the  questionnaire to fill out with ALL data (name, surname, address and telephone number), we will  not  care about not signed questionnaires with fancy names or nicknames.

All adult Rescues will be given in adoption exclusively neutered / spayed and after checking pre-and post-adoption as well as filling in the form of adoption and microchip header to the new owner. Requests for puppies and / or adult not neutered / spayed will not be taken in consideration.  

An adoption  is not a way to have a purebred dog for free, maybe better if puppy and not neutered, but an act of generosity  toward a dog less fortunate and often not easy to manage and therefore it requires experience with the breed and it would be preferable to have already  an IG or CCD  in the family. Almost all of the Rescue dogs  have never lived in a house and therefore they are not housetrained  and have not been socialized. This makes them often very insecure and fearful creatures. Many of them suffer from separation anxiety and you should not leave them alone. I repeat that adopt a Rescue requires a big commitment.

Important! Adopting a Rescue is not a "smart" way to have a purebred dog for  free: we ask for a nominal fee for the adoption! Below we explain why we ask for a nominal fee to adopt a Rescue:

As all the countries of Northern Europe  that  already have  solved the problem of stray dogs also our Rescue Center asks for a nominal fee for the adoption because we  do not receive any government grant or private contributes (in fact, we never ask for donations in money!) This fee serves to emphasize that the animal housed in the Rescue Center has a value not only emotional but that it has also "material value " We want to make it clear to potential adopters that a Rescue is not a "worthless" gift  and as such could be disposed of quickly and "without having suffered economic damage." The nominal fee also known as "protection fee" and helps to prevent "light-hearted" adoptions  and it protects the dog from new dropouts. It also helps us to check the economic situation of the new owner:  persons that does not have or does not want to spend money to pay the fee for adopting a dog will not have  and will not want  to spend money even for veterinary visits, food, etc. etc. if any interventions dog should need it in the future. The fee is used by us  to pay the expensives of deworming, vaccinations, cost of spayments/ neutering,  recovery in veterinary clinic, food, medicines,  and even our  travel costs  ( we travel by car  in all Italy to rescue dogs) And this money is only a drop in the sea of ​​expenses that SERIOUSLY Rescue Centers have every day. It also helps to maintain throughout their life dogs who can not find a home, because too old or too sick  These dogs spend their  life in our home. The nominal fee or "protection fee " bears his name precisely because it allows us to protect our Rescues: hardly a person spends money for a dog and  then sell it to pet stores for 50 Euro even worse in vivisection laboratories. Unfortunately for many people what they do not pay has no value!

Here are some examples of people seeking animals for free and what they  will make with  these animals:

- They will try to sell the animal or privately resell the animal to pet stores or laboratories. In the meantime, the animal is segregated into tiny cages.

- They will use the kitten received as a gift for the "training" of their hunting dogs, guard dogs or by making dog  fighting.

- They are going to abuse about male or female dogs sexually  

- They are going  to abuse of  black dogs and cats for satanic rituals.

- They will mate not spayed females every six months keeping them in cages where they will never see the light of day. When they are too old they will be killed. You will find their puppies in pet shops.

-  They will  not give veterinary care to adopted animals (the vet costs!)

- Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, fish other small animals are adopted only because of the cage. The adopted animal  is "trashed"

That all seems so remote and amazing, right? Unfortunately it is not: in our twenty-year experience of animal welfare we got to see that, unfortunately, this is true and we will always try to do everything in our power to give always and only the maximum protection for our Rescues!


We thank again all the people and volunteers willing to do pre-and post controls: they  are close to us in this mission!