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Update 07/10/2014: Ginevra has been operated. The orthopedic surgeon is satisfied with her condition. Now she requires a long period of physiotherapy in water (swimming) and passive manipulations to restore the functionality of the leg.

UPDATE 26/06/2014:  As I mentioned on the Facebook,  thanks to your generous donations, we were able to make the computer tomography with Ginevra. Yesterday it was finally evaluated which we trust our orthopedic vet. In the bottom of the page I uploaded some pictures of the three-dimensional reconstruction of the expensive CT. Unfortunately, this has only confirmed what the doctor had suspected after the RX, here is a brief summary of his opinion about the condition of the patient Ginevra: 

Given the seriousness of the situation is a knee replacement surgery, with use of a knee prosthesis, the best solution to help her. This surgery is madein Italy only in a special clinic in northern Italy (Cremona). The costs are very high: about 2500 - 3000 EUR for every knee plus travel expenses, hospitalization, investigations and preoperative examination and then the physiotherapy. The thigh bones are rotated by 20 degrees and have to be addressed, both legs are very very sick. The right more than the left, but it looks as if the left leg seems to have found a balance and it might now have to wait some time. The alternative to the expensive knee replacement surgery would be to give the the thigh bone again the rigt degree  (a technique in which you cut a wedge of bone and is returned to the femoral axis) to straighten and to make a kind of reconstruction to take away the pain but it is of course no guarantee that she walk like a healthy dog.

For our Vet  the "Golden Choice" is just to make a knee prosthesis. I doubt that we can ever will pay for this OP and  we are grateful for every little contribution to help us to  provide at least the other surgical alternative (which would cost about half) to give Ginevra again a life without pain.

Update 18 June 2014 : Ginevra made Computer Tomography thanks to you donations. 




Update 01/06/2014 : We did visit with the orthopedic surgeon. Disastrous ! I want to search below to summarize the situation in my own words : The left leg, which we hoped would be healthy, has also patella luxation but in contrast to the right), the femur is fully deflected ( off-axis by about 20 degrees! ) and the dislocation of traditional patella lux surgery  would not solve the problem because the bone off-axis would re- dislocate the patella .The only thing to do would be to remove a wedge of bone to " shorten" the bone on the diverted femur. On the right leg (the worst) the veterinary orthopedic surgeon suspects that the tibial plateau is not  there anymore ( because consumed by prolonged rubbing of the bone without patella for a long time and then probably the only potential intervention in this case would be a knee prosthesis . ( With costs around 2500 euros and perform in a clinic specializing in Northern Italy ) If the tibial plateau would be yet there our  orthopedic surgeon may , in the best case ,  evaluate a technique on that knee  without implanting a prosthesis. Geneva will have to do this  do a CT scan with 3-dimensional reconstruction that we will do as soon as we can.

At the moment the little sweetheart has no  pain because the body seems to have found a balance in its severity. Geneva does not use her right leg and upload all weight to the left on the femur that is already diverted and whose patella dislocation has Grade II. Not good. So , asap (and I am sure it will soon be possible thanks to wonderful people who will send contribution to help us to help her ), Geneva will make the CT ( we will do this exam in Bari , that is 300 km from our house ) to provide orthopedic surgeon other data he  needs to locate the most suitable surgery to take to help , if possible , Geneva.

Meanwhile we treated her with  Advocate and she was treated with medicated shampoo for the spots and scabs horrendous that cover her entire body . Also we dewormed her as fecal examen was positive for worms. We also radically changed her diet by switching to Barf , we are strengthening her  immune system and intestinal flora with Microflor32 , Preflora,  rosehip extract, Micro GLA  and sponging with Eau de Philae. Sun, air and lots of love makes the rest.

I will post all the updates so please come back soon and visit Ginevra's page.

Update 05/31/2014 : We went with Geneva to our vet for the examination of skin with  scrapings and hair examen, taken on more points all over the body and head : fortunately no fungus and no sarcoptic mange . Probably she has  Demodex or the stress situation caused her the spots present throughout the body and especially the head. Today we begin therapy, here is the veterinary prescription , in case anyone wants to send one of these products : We also did the x-rays at the knees, tomorrow we'll talk with the orthopedic surgeon to evaluate what to do. Fortunately, blood tests are ok and the Leishmania test is negativ


We have a new IG in Rescue. Her name is “ Ginevra” 

When I rescued her I immediately saw that the right back leg does not have muscles and she do not use it.She does not have vaccines. She’s  "spotty” all over the body and head. We will do a vet check  with dermatological skin scrapings and “Wood” lamp to see if they are fungus, bacteria, yeast or mites mange ( demodex or sarcoptic even ? ). I have no words . Better not to have !  At the moment because of her precarious state of health she may be adopted only at a distance. We are grateful for every small contribution to cover the high veterinary expenses . Thanks to those who have sent a small fee to pay for veterinary expenses and examen.

If you want to contribute to pay her veterinary bill and for more info please call me at 349/5118482 or send email to rescue@lupavaro.com

Here are the bank datas to help us to help her:



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Please send me an email on rescue@lupavaro.com , specifying your name, address and and I will send you a receipt for your donation .

Thank you!

Valeria and Ginevra

Thanks to these wonderful people we were able to provide initial care and visits to the little sweetheart and thanks to them we can early do the expensive CTscan that will help our vet to consider the possibility  to a surgery on both or at least one of the legs . Our thanks go to:

My co-workers tireless and valuable aid in the recovery of rescue dogs : : Marco&wife, Marzia Giuliato, Caterina Porcellini ( giornalista)  & Marco Sanfilippo ( Halfadog)

Thanks to my husband Luigi Panico ( Lupavaro: simply a Passion) for always support me and encourage me in my crusade to recover the dogs less fortunate.

Thanks to these wonderful people who have not turned my face but on the other side who have had the delicious thought of a donation of money or drugs to help us help Geneva :

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Benny e Vinni + 6 PLI, Kennel AlmawhipM.T. Pascottini, A. McCue, K. Haselwander, il piccolo Perseo del Colle Folignato ( figlio del nostro amato Eros) , M.Martinetti, A. Patella,  B.Battisti, M. Marmiroli, Rossella Travalca, Sonia Franchlin, Denis & Alberto con Dora, c. Gratl, G. Riggi, C. Balzanelli con le 3 teppe, Cannella Windspiel mit Familie und  Kater Quaxi, Sandra Velardi, Sabine Demel.

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