Hello guys, I am Hiro the Italian Greyhound Puppy. Ok i am not like all the other puppies: I am very special: i was born with a little handicap thats why i was rescued by Auntie Valeria: she is now taking good care of me.

They will entrust me  prior pre adoption visit according to these modalities' We evaluate only SERIOUS requests of people who want to share their home and their life with me. I am a creature with emotions and feelings, I feel pain and sadness just like a human child and for that I will not be entrusted to those looking for a dog to be kept on balconies, terraces or gardens without access to home and life family! If you think you can be my new family write to Aunt Valeria (just click on the name and opens the mail) or call her + 39 349/5118482 or write in the Chat below, we will be glad to give you any information.

Ah.... u can not adopt me? Ok, i understand as i am not a beautiful Movie Star but if u wanna know how to help Valeria to help us please read the link:


Thank you all


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Valeria +39 349/5118482  +39 0825 96 90 44