Finally has found a new loving home!


The appearance of Congo is divided in more opinions: some say he is Awful!!!! (I can not understand !!!), the others just laugh at his sight and others simply admire his elegant sighthound appearance .Without any doubt I am standing on the side of this third group! Sure, Congo is a little bit funny with his long back and short legs, but he is also beautiful and definitely unique. This mix is not for everyone :-) Congo is certainly the result of a love story between a dachshund and a Galgo (Spanish Greyhound).Llook like a galgo on the legs of a dachshund people who see him must inevitably smile. No wonder that Congo draws attention to itself and does not pass unnoticed! n character he unites in himself the traits of both parents: on one side is gentle and sensitive as a Galgo always looking for cuddles and affection, on the other side is as stubborn as a dachshund and passes through the life on his short legs holdin high his head. Congo wants to be first, he must put his nose in the affairs of all :-) With people he is very gentle and shows a great character : he is totally without problems. Good with children and other dogs. Congo comes initially from a pund in Granada but now he lives in a rescue center in Kronach in Germany, waiting for a couch and family expectantly for him. Congo is positive for leishmaniasis but he have no discomfort or symptoms. To ensure that remains so he takes his pill every day, which fortunately is not expensive (maximum 10 Euro per month) As the title is very very low is quite possible that within a few months you can even dispense with all the therapy. Congo would be ideal for people who love Sighthounds but would prefer a smaller sized dog. It is not desirable a house with many stairs for Congo because in the future when he will get older because of his construction it could be harmful to climb too many stairs more times a day. Impossible not to love this cheerful companion, with his sweet Galgo eyes always gets what he wants but attention: in him there is the mischievous Dachshund too! Is there an extraordinary family for this extraordinary dog?:-)

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