Cindy a misstreated Sighthound Cross: has found a loving home!!


Cindy has found a loving home!! thanks to Alice and Maya for this adoption!!

Thanks to everybody who's sent medicaments for cindy!

Here is Cindy's story:


Thursday I was called urgently: there was a sighthound mix in a situation of abuse. Fortunately, the neighbor took pity of the puppy and warned this guy who was aware of our Rescue Center  and so they contacted me immediately.
The same evening we went to pick up the baby. the photos speak for themselves, I want to fly over any comment on the people who kept her segregated at home, certainly chained because she has deformed legs, has no front nor back muscles, is frighteningly underweight, dehydrated and with severe food shortages. Dermatitis immunosuppression is the least of her problems. She  smelled of feces and urina. At our view this little angel wagged her  tail,  happy to see us and put her little nose in the armpit of Valeria for warmth, just like Ig do.

For now, Cindy (we named her as the Cinderella) stays at home with us to receive all the care she needs, in future we will search her a loving home.

I have received many emails from people which want  contribute sending money to the care of Cindy and I thank you for your kindness but I would prefer to receive (from those who want to contribute to help Rescue Dogs) no money but directly those medicines for the dogs in our rescue centers  they have more need.

I thank Francesco and Germana veterinarians who provide their work day and night and on theie weekendstoo  to our Rescue and an infinite number of unfortunate dogs. We are trying to lighten their work in taking some dogs in our home for a while:   we have in this moment even a beagle pup of three months it had been returned back because Aggressive! Of course we are looking for a home  for her too, she has a little eye disease and we are waiting for operation.  I will soon put her  on the page of our adoptions.

I'd be happy to receive medicines  so I can make a donation of that to the veterinary clinic of Francesco  and Germana as well as to use them for our rescue dogs currently guests at my house.

Here is a list of medicines and most principals' used:

    * Advocate Spot-on vials
    * Cephalosporin (antibiotic) in vials (Cefamexin, etc etc)
    * Chondrogenic tablets for dogs
    * Ribes Pet NBF Lanes
    * Plus Drontal
    * Bactrim Pediatric Syrup
    * Baytril tablets
    * CLOREXYDERM Shampoo and Lotions
    * Covers Pile

Please  contact Valerie by sending an email to or call us  to +39 349/5118482

Anyone planning to send something of this medicines to help rescue dogs and all the others in kennels can do so by sending to this address

LuigiPanico and Valeria Rocco

Via Felette S.N.C.

83030 Torre le Nocelle (AV)


I will publish below the names of donors with great pleasure

Cindy, Heidi and all the other Rescues thank you!

  • Thanks to  Marzia Nicchio mit Windspiel Paride
  • Thanks to   Alice Rossetti,  Cindy' neuer Mama
  • Thanks to Fabiana and Fabrizio
  • Thanks to Alberto Lamperti



Per contatti :

+39 349/5118482