finally adopted!


UPDATE 27/11/2009: ROCCO HAS FOUND A LOVING HOME! Rocco is a very beautiful Greyhound , 3 years old. Perhaps it is the tip of the tail 'cause at the end is broken (an incident with his mother when he was still a puppy), who did not "made him marketable" in spite of his pure pedigree and beautiful appearance Rocco was adopted 8 months ago and lives now in Venice, after two and a half years of a life closed in a box , which he shared with a female Labrador. Although he almost always calm and affectionate, he had often had some bad reactions because you can see that he was not good socialized with dogs and people. By intensive work with the help of an expert "Coach" Rocco has learned many things. He is still stubborn but smart. . There are two moments in which he can not get the self - control: 1) meeting with puppies / young dogs, 2) the food. For security reasons we will go for a walk only with a muzzle to prevent to hurt or bite another dog. The ideal situation for Rocco is a person with greyhound experience, a house with a garden and the countryside, but especially a person who wants to continue to retain the gentle method of education Venice is too chaotic for that splendid fellow, too many people, all crammed together ... This is not good for him

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