this Ig finished in wrong hands!


Leon an adult IG

I've never put Leon in the adoptions section because the person which owned him was not intended to give him up for an adoption but he simply wanted to sell him!

I phoned to this person and I had the impression that Leon was not a dog cuddled and loved ,living happy on a sofa .....In fact it seems that he has lived "free" in a garden or something like that.....

I talked about this dog to Antonio, who initially called me because interested in one of our puppies. I gave him the phone number and he began to call that person who owned Leon.

The whole story of this dog was very strange and gave us a lot to think about, it was like an horrible intuition.

The thought of Leon tormented us.

We were not wrong in our bad thoughts: the people who went to take him found that little dog in a pitiful state: undernourished, dirty, with worms that person gave an oil fell on the ears in order not to make visible the scares. Poor little boy, the coat is opaque and chock-full of dandruff and he is hungry like a wolf , the old owner throught him away for some Euro........

I thank the great people who have made the team, they are people of noble mind and a big heart.

I thank with all my heart Antonio and his son Nicola, adopting this creature, they helped me to give the possibility of a new life to Leon.
Here are some new photos of Leon, for now he wants to stay quiet in his new home and will be finally also loved and adored him.

Thanks Again!


Leon's News!!!

09/05/2008: Leon stays better now, Domenico sent me pictures of his plates:

le placche di leon



14/05/2008: They wrote me : " yellow - red greatings from Leon to "mummy" Valeria and "Daddy" Luigi!!

Un saluto romanista da Leon

05/09/2008: UPDATE!!! Leon finally goes home!!
When Domenico went to the Vet Hospital to take Leon and carry him home he was asked to leave as much as possible from the dog ........ The Health Director Dr. Piergentili has put Leon on the ground and with his legs still bandaged he "runs" in the arms of Domenico! The titanium plates that now determine the two fractures distal will make sure that Leon can recover the full movement. This morning I spoke with Fabio and he confirmed that the distal fractures were very bad, and a tendon was torn too (and rebuilt by the surgeon!) ......
At last I can finally give a face to all those people whose blessed hands have realized what was our greatest hope: to ensure that Leon could still walk!
Below also add other names to the list of donors: Thank you very much!


La Clinica


On the left side Doctor Fabio Piergentili, look at the way he is looking at Leon :-)

On the right Doctor Simone Piricò orthopedic Surger who with his "golden hands"has operated Leon


On the left Dott Piergentili ( i like the way he looks to Leon!!!)
On the right we see the daddy ofLeon : Domenico

Ancora Fabio e Leon   Domenico

Dr. Piricò is the orthopedic Surger reference of the Veterinary Hospital "Aurelia" of Dr. F. Piergentili . He is also the orthopaedic of Veterinary Hospital Portonaccio in Via del Portonaccio 166/118 where also all the other doctors , who have followed the intervention of Leon, work:

The Health Director Dr. Ilaria Russo

The Cardiologo / Anestesista Dr. Sebastian Chica.

The staff of Physiotherapists

The paramedics staff

I want to say "thank you" to all these people and make a big compliment for their great competence and for the great humanity that they have shown towards Leon and Domenico!.
Just to think that one of them has brought Leon at his ( the doctor's!!) home after the procedure and not to leave him in a box in the hospital!

Below also add other names to the list of donors: Thank you very much!

05-04-2008: Surgery has succeeded perfectly, Leon begins to be much better. Thanks to all the people who have helped this unfortunate Italian Greyhound! Soon online the photo's of little Leon!

Update 04/02/2008: Leon has been operated this morning, everything seems to be ok with him :-)

04/01/2008: Leon will be operated Friday 2 May 2008, we hope that everything will be allright!!!!



04/01/2008 LEON: TWO BROKEN LEGS!!!!

I have already reported on Leon here , we are so happy that we finally have found a family for him who give him infinite love.

He had as a puppy too few nutrients and hardly got calcium .......
Leon is a real poor little Boy....... Yesterday we received the bad news: Leon jumped in the garden on a wall, was frightened by a barking dog on the other side and jumped down ..... while he broke BOTH his legs!!!!!
Poor little valiant Leon! Friday he will be operated and the surgery is quite expensive. His new family is not rich, so I would like to collect a little bit of money for him .
Please take part, if everyone just donates 5 euros we can soon help those people very much!
If you want to help us then please send me an e-mail to , I will send you the account number to send donations to Leon .

Photos of the poor little guy will follow after the operation, I did not have the heart to take pictures of him in his current state ...... please understand that ....

Domenico and Leon say: THANK YOU

We from Lupavaro would like to say THANKS to all this people :

  • Antonio e Nicola Sbrissa with Max the Whippet
  • Valeria & Luigi with Daniele, Mirko and all the Lupavaro's
  • Guglielmo Sagredin

  • Simona Scandaliato, her husband and the little Camilla with their Italian Greyhounds Perla and Milù.
  • Carmine Marinelli di " Amici a 4 Zampe" Via Nazionale15/a, Torrette di Mercogliano AV
    Amici a 4 Zampe
  • Doctor Rosario Mancusi, Heartsurgery, with his cat Masha..

  • The little Gaia Marciano who sent all her Euros to Leon and her father Gianluca Marciano who teached her to respect all the animals.
  • An anonymus donation. Thank you!!
  • Antonio Coppolecchia and all his "oldie-dogs". Thank ya Antonio!!!
  • Doctor . Giuseppe Gallo, Heart - Surger
  • Emilio Fierro di Emporio Natura C/da Valle Mecca- Via A.Ammaturo 102-104 AV
    Emporio Natura AV

  • Katrien Arnauts - Kennel Ashra, Thank you very much!!!
  • Isabella with her Italian Greyhounds Hugo e Druso and their Pietremorbide
  • Agnese and Massimiliano with their Italian Greyhounds.
  • Another anonymus Lady...Thank you so much!!!!
  • Loredana with Yuk, Pluto, Godzilla e the sweet kitty
  • Alberico Fina, Tecnico di Laboratorio. Thank you Olbi!!!

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