Update13/05 /2011:

Marge has been adopted by Marina and Fabrizio and will have 'a beautiful life in Milan with his new friends to play the beautiful Sky a tricolor collie just like her.

We are happy that finally Marge will have a loving new home and all the love she deserves after all the difficulties and we are very happy to have found two new friends!

                           Thanks Marina and Fabrizio, you are beautiful!


The Story of Marge:


Update 26/04/2011: This morning we've got the test results! Marge is NEG for Leishmania! Smile

Update 07/04/11: Marge is now home with us  She is a very quiet and sweet Lady, gets along with everyone, dogs and cats and is housetrained.
She  suffers from a mild form of arthrosis, probably due to the cold  and wet of the place where she has been in before. Marge is not young,  she does not like to play or run, she just wants a warm place in the house where relax She  is not suitable for those who want to make a busy life or be accompanied by a dog in their sporting activities we will spay her in date 20/04/2011.

Marge MUST live in the house. We do not accept requests from people that wants to keep the dog in the garden. Marge is NOT suitable for being a sheepdog, she has no ability to look after sheep or cattle  and therefore she is not a working dog neither for hunting. She is just a middle-aged older Lady with all the little aches and pains associated with age and she need lots of love. Marge is very affectionate, at home it's like not having her : she is very discreet and almost she looks at your as asking: " is this ok???" 

If you are interested to adopt Marge please download our questions here:

Questionario preaffido

and send it back our mail:

The story of Marge:

Monday, 04/04/2011: I receive a call from our friend Giulio who saw a homeless Collie straying near the place where he works. The dog seemed very disoriented and walked into the street, Giulio  saw  that this dog is not used to live on the street. Dirty and matted, very tired and panting at the end of her forces made him think that the dog  was very sick or pregnant .Giulio gave her  first aid, provided food and water and hosted  her in his office waiting for  our arrival. On our arrival we found a very calm and friendly dog we're sure tha she was not mistreated, but she was completely abbandoned and  from the breasts it seems that she gave birth many times and those lanes red and inflamed elbow classic of dogs living in confined spaces maybe used to give birth to puppies  every 6 month that are then those soft balls that we see in the shop windows of pet shops.. ... We will never know where she comes from and what is her  story. The important thing is that now she is safe and she will naver have puppies again!  I want to thank Mario Cucciolito (Grooming in Sant'  Anastasia (NA) for having opened his shop at 22.00 at night to comb, wash and remove several ticks on Marg. He did that FOR FREE!!  Thanks Mario, you're  a beautiful person  At 23.30 Marge was transformed into a beautiful soft and clean princess: fragrant and very very tired. When we got home she slept all night long, just as if she were part of the family since ever. Now she needs to recover and to eat good food and drink clean water. We will spay her in future and then we try to  find for Marge a family willing to love her for her whole life.

Thanks also to Julie and Emily for saving her from a bad destinity!

On the right picture  Marge with the Groomer Mario Cucciolito




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