UPDATE 30/07/2012: BIANCHINA has found her loving new home!!!

Thanks Giorgia!!!



That was her story: Christmas 2011 - 2012 in Lupavaro's home

Here is  Bianchina, healthy female,  treated against worms, she is about 3 -4 years old and is already spayed. She lived near the place where I work and at night she always tried to  enter in the locker room because it’s warm there  and some pious hand always left some door open for her. The same hands  that always brought  her to eat. In her mind, Bianchina was happy to live like that.. But a dog is not allowed to sleep in such a structure, and so started the reporting to the authorities  to send the dog catchers and bring Bianchina in a shelter first then christmas arrive….
Bianchina is the most sweet dog of the world. Bianchina has always cold. She looks at you with her big, pleading eyes  asking for mercy and maybe a mat, where to stay on to defend herself from the grip of the cold Irpinia. winter . Bianchina is afraid of brooms ... poor little girl how many have you seen? Bianchina that it's!  The cold is in your heart, the cold of the human  indifference. Bianchina is not a purebreed: she looks like a cross between a potato and a teddy bear and neither she is particularly brilliant, funny or active.

Bianchina is "only" sweet!

She lives for a caress, a soft pillow and some warm words and caresses. In the house she is very very  clean: she makes pee and poo only outside and not anyone taught her.


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