sweet dachshound with a little handicap UPDATE 23/07/2013: ADOPTED!


14/06/2013                                                           Esmeralda


2 days ago surfing  on facebook I saw the following appeal of my friend Germana, she also is a rescuer:

"Some creatures are born unlucky and bad luck accompanies them for a large part of their lives ... Esmeralda is a  2 years old purebreed Dachshound. She was born with a malformation of a paw: she has 4 legs but only 3 feet. She  was is not  well-suited  for dog shows  but  despite her handicap he used her to make puppies.  After this he  put her on "fire sale" for just 50 Euro .Fortunately Esmeralda was purchased (or better "redeemed") from a guy who took care about her . Not for a long time:  he was soon forced to get rid of her because he kept her in the garden and her barking disturbed the neighbours. And so  this little frightened, disable girl  was brought to a deserted countryside, always alone and getting food only every couple of day........"

I can not ignore this and togehter with my husband Luigiwe decided to take care of her.  Esmeralda is now at home with us and we will start all veterinarian controls and then when she feels better we will spay her and look for a loving home  but only after severe controls of the new family made by my volunteers or by ourselves and with a serious adoption contract that will guarantee her that  she can not be sold to third parties, nor even live in the garden or on terraces, etc. etc.. Esmeralda will have to live in the house and make part of a family life  otherwise she will remain at home with us.

Update 14/06/2013: Esmeralda is compatible with cats: she is completely indifferent to the presence of our cats that are also quite intrusive rubbing against the dachshund looking for contact.we already did treatment against fleas and ticks and worms. ( Oh she was full of them!!)  This afternoon we have appointment with the vet for snap tests and a blood examen as well as fecal examination.

Thanks to Dr. Ivana Algiers and her husband Angelo Falavigna to support her vet bills!

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