Bracco with myasthenia ADOPTED




Time ago I read the appeal that my dear friend Germana Vivaldi had posted on facebook for Gaetano. Well, the stalemate is over and together with my husband Luigi we decided to welcome him to our house so that he do not ends up in a shelter.  Here's what he wrote Germana about  Gaetano:

"I'll tell you the story of Gaetano, a dog born to hunt that suddenly started having trouble walking, and therefore the owner has decided to sell as no longer" functional use ". Gaetano is just 10 months old. When we took him in custody he was not able to longer walks, his eyes were sad and frightened. But we managed with physiotherapy and love so much to improve his condition. Today he walks and loves playing with other dogs, just maintaining its pace a bit rickety! Nano has been subjected to various controls specialist, orthopedic and neurological disorders, and the diagnosis was myasthenia. His is currently in very good conditionand lives a normal life but he certainly has to be kept under control in time and needs a context suitable to his little problem and naturally a peaceful life. Gaetano  therefore needs to find adoption. Gaetano is always ready to cuddle and play. Everyone falls in love with him. 

Please, do not cast him to his fate.  PLEASE ADOPT THIS WONDERFUL DOG!!


If you do not feel that you can adopt to adopt Gaetano feel free to send him gift basket frontline or advantix or dry food, pet carpets  etc. etc.. We are grateful for every little help for our rescue Dogs! 

Thank you!!!


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