Rescue 11 years old - in loving memory



Miles † January 17, 2014 

You are gone to heaven on the day of St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of domestic animals. 

Will never forget you. You were our hero. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our vets and all those who were close to us, and that through their thoughts, words and actions have supported him in recent months. 

And when he'll be out of that cloud of warm, golden sun, the sun that he loved so much, you will hear his little voice cheerful, proud and finally without pain and all the cats in the world will join in a hymn of love and praise. 

Please, Lord, smile at him. He is coming to you.


His story: 


Miles had a home until last summer when he was seriously ill. Suffering from severe renal insufficiency thyroid problems, heart murmur, tachycardia due to hyperthyroidism. His treatments are very expensive and the old owners could not pay the cost which should then the cat in our hands.


Miles needs  many expensive medicines and unfortunately he needs also regularly recovery in vet hospital for his intravenous therapy. He will not have long to live but we want to wrap him with our (and your) love and make that bit of life he have on this earth sweet as much as possible.

Miles is adoptable only in " sponsorship mode" considering its poor health conditions.

Below is the list of the medicines he needs:


What do I mean by sponsorship?

As this cat is not in a health state to be adopted you can help us to help him by buying him one of the medicines listed above or you can load the amount of the drug directly to the chosen postepay (only for italians) 4023600575184132 headed to Valeria Rocco.  other countries can use bank transfer or Western Union or Paypal. We naturally will send you the receipts and updates of Miles.

Anyone who wants to adopt him in sponsorship mode can contact me by phone at +39 349/5118482 or send email to


We are grateful for any help.

Valeria & Luigi

Per contatti : +39 349/5118482 Valeria - Luigi +39 393/8759947