Chinese Crested Dog ADOPTED!


Update Aprile 2014:

La nostra  Nina è stata adottata dalla dolcissima signora Bruna che la riempie di amore ed attenzioni! La figlia della signora Bruna aveva tempo fa adottato un PLI dal nostro IG RESCUE CENTER ITALIA e quindi non otevo immaginarmi una famiglia migliore per lei! Buona vita piccola che ora vivrai come una principessa! 

Her story: 


Hello everyone my name is Nina or better, Valeria called me Nina , maybe my name I've ever had.

I am 4 years young. I was born in Hungary. When I was a small puppy I was taken away from my mom and I made a long journey. I heard people say that I had been sold to a pet store, and really they put me in the window to sell me but nobody wanted to buy me..... no one was interested in me , maybe I'm too ugly? The fact is that I grew up and nobody bought me , and I went into a second pet store , always to be sold. Finally I was bought by a person who kept me with him for some year but after some time the family did,'t want me any longer and so they brought me to the local shelter. I was adopted again: they promised to the lady of the shelter that they would keep good care of me. Nobody went ever out to control how I was kept there. here is a picture how I lived( look at the right... u see that chain....?)  :

My photo ran for months on the facebook. Oh yeah : I had a lot of shares , many people wrote under the photo things like "poor one" , " if i could i would take her..."  " Ohhhhh I want her!!!!!" " how cute "etc etc . but no one ever came to safe me. No one has noticed the thin chain around my neck until my photo arrived on the facebook wall of a lady called " Valeria Kennel Lupavaro" . Oh .... Valeria was very very angry for that picture, and even more angry for the chain!  Valeria did not write " aahhh " or" ohhh " .Valeria picked up the phone and sent the documents to be signed to get me into her IG  Rescue Center Italia. 5 days later (thanks to Alessandra who gave me a wash and a passage on the plane) I was in Rome and Valeria came to Rome to pick me up. She was speechless when she saw my poor skin full of big infected blackheadsand pickels , my ears were split in two by the cold ( frostbite on the ears ) and I had the skin of an insane pink between the burned and the little vascularized . Needless to say, the blackheads  were due to the fact that no one ever washed: try not to wash yourself for years and see how it feels ........ That's how my skin was:

After this  Valeria took me in her arms and whispered something like " ...from now your life will change forever sweetheart!" while tears where running down her face. She put a pink sweater and a pink collar  on me: she had bought this things specially for me!!!!  Wow!!!! A clean pink sweater  all mine ! Look at how beautiful I was! I must say that in the arms of Aunt Valeria I felt immediatly protected. Valeria said that soon I'll have a very loving home but only if there will be a very special and loving family . I deserve it , right?

Now  Valeria is taking care of me giving me homeopathic supplements and so many good things to eat (she calls them BARF ) and she wash and dries me, put creams and pamper on my skin. She says that I am the most  beautiful dog in the world and that I am  sweet and tender and I have a very very good character: I love dogs and cats and people! I sleep with the Lupavaro dogs in the basket in front of the fireplace or the hot stove. I can not believe that there is a life like this !  The results of my orthopedic visit are PERFECT!  

Love , healthy food , and Valeria good care care made me born again: look at the new pictures at the bottom of the page!! 

If you feel that u are the right person to adopt me please call valeria at +39 349/5118482 or write an email to but not until you have read CAREFULLY what is written on the page of rescue by clicking HERE.

Thank you!!! 


Per contatti :

Valeria +39 349/5118482

Ecco qua sotto le foto nuove di Nina dopo qualche mese di cura a casa nostra